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New Arrivals Weekly | FREE SHIPPING on $100+ orders
Who Cares About Great Expectations?

Who Cares About Great Expectations?

Sometimes we try so hard to do what we’re SUPPOSED to do.


Look how we are “supposed” to look.

Act how we’re “supposed” to act.

Feel what we’re “supposed” to feel.

Be what we’re “supposed” to be.


All in an attempt to be what someone else decided was NORMAL.


Normal has never felt normal to me.


I say we forget about being NORMAL and start being US!


Anyone who’s ever made an impact on the world was anything but NORMAL!


Show the world your talents, your beauty, your thoughts- show the world YOU.


When we embrace ourselves for our uniqueness, we allow others to do the same. When others are free to be themselves, we free the world from the chains of complacency, negativity and comparison.


When we attempt to conform and be something we’re not, when we “play along” with the expectation, we only betray the truest version of ourselves.


The way you are is not a coincidence; it’s not an accident either.


If you find yourself struggling to fit into a cookie cutter that cuts out the best parts of you- ditch it and make your own mold! 


The world, your world, desperately needs you to be the person you are. 


Not your sister, not your neighbor, not your favorite celebrity. 


Just. You. 💕



Xoxo, Heather

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