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What You Choose To Focus On Will Grow

What You Choose To Focus On Will Grow

What do you focus on in life?

I read a card a while ago that said "what you think about, you bring about".

It took me two or three reads to understand what it meant; but once I did, it really caused me to stop and think about where I spend my focus.

So pause a minute and really think about where your focus is in your life right now. Seriously... close your eyes and really think about it...

I'm going to be brutally honest, when I first took inventory of my focus and thoughts, I found most of my headspace was occupied by thoughts that could fit into three categories:

Guilt, Self Doubt & Worry.

I'm afraid it's devastatingly normal for most women to have a majority of their focus be on things that fall into these categories, or similar ones.

If you're reading this and realize your focus in growing negativity (ie. Guilt, Self Doubt, Worry, etc), don't stress!

First of all, you're NOT alone. Like we said before, it's terribly common. Second of all, we have a cure!

This week, I challenge you to focus on the positive by doing this:

Think of and write down something specifically amazing about your life! Or write down a positive affirmation you love!

Hang it somewhere you'll see it daily.

Or maybe change your phone background to a picture of those words.

When you feel a thought come that turns you you guilt, self doubt, or worry- SHIFT YOUR FOCUS!

Immediately think about your positive affirmation or the specific amazing thing you love about your life.

What you focus on will grow!

Your thoughts have power.

Your focus has power!

And that should make YOU feel empowered!

We can't control what life throws our way, but we CAN control our focus.

I hope this week we all choose to grow a little more positivity in our own lives,  because we deserve it! 

Xoxo, Heather


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